Why Prepping is Important when Painting Wood

There are simple steps you can follow to transform a bit of wood into something extraordinary. A long as you do not skip any steps or skip on good quality products you’ll have a brand spanking new wooden piece in no time.

Clean the piece

Even with the best quality paint you will need to prepare for painting. This is a crucial step that cannot be skipped if you want a successful final product.

If the piece has drawers or handles remove the knobs to not tarnish these pieces with paint. Lay down newspaper or plastic bags so you don’t get paint on your floor or pavement either. Remove as much old chipping paint if it has been painted before. Once this is done give it a wipe down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or particles that will interfere with the process.

Prep the Wood

Now you are ready to start sanding. Even if the paint manufacturer claims this is unnecessary, it is. It gives the paint a better tooth on the surface and will make for a longer lasting finish. It is quick, cheap and easy. All you need is some 150 grit (medium grit) sandpaper and you can do it by hand – an electric sander is not essential. It is simply to prime the wood surface for the primer, not strip the surface entirely.

If there is remaining enamel or paint just sand until it has dulled enough to give the primer something to grip onto.

Add a coat of Primer

The primer helps the wood take on an even and smooth final look. Allow sufficient time to dry and if you can still see the wood grain consider applying another coat after a second sanding.

Painting Wood

Now your surface is ready for the final flourish. Get a good quality paint that will not turn yellow over time. Look for lead-free paint, especially if you are going to be painting indoors.

Envirocoat is safe for nurseries and painting cots. It is non-toxic, non-yellowing and highly adhesive. For all your wood painting needs choose a quality paint that will last, inside and outdoors, like Envirocoat. If you have prepped the wood properly it will last for years to come.