How to prep your roof for summer

With summer coming in to full swing in the Southern Hemisphere you may think the only thing that needs some love is the pool. The truth is that your whole home could usually do with a bit of upkeep to get it ready for the warm summer months. Inspect your home for areas you can improve or protect – you may want to take precautions in anticipation of the harsh summer sun and potential rain.

Let’s take it from the top: the roof is what makes any house a complete structure. Putting a roof over your head means you have shelter. It is the apex of your home’s health – if there is no roof, is it even a house anymore?

Check for leaks

To keep your roof intact, strong and ready for the sun and rain there are a few treatments you can consider that will keep it looking great and functioning properly. Check that all your roof tiles are intact and that there are no leaks that you might only have known about upon feeling drops of water on your nose the whilst lying in bed on a stormy night.

Give your roof an anti-bacterial treatment

The heat and moisture of the summer months creates the ideal environment for the growth of yeasts, bacteria, fungi and algae. Give your roof a much-needed cleaning and a treatment of anti-bacterial surface sterilizer to keep the beasties at bay.

If you have sprung a leak and it has creeped its way into your home you need to act sooner rather than later to fix the problem. If the leak is old it may have already given way to the growth of the aforementioned beasties. The wall may need the same treatment to keep these at bay. Then a damp proofing layer must be applied to repair the damaged walls and floors that have a cement base.

A little shine for your roof

To give your roof the facelift it deserves consider a coat of high gloss enamel. This will further waterproof your roof and give it the glow it has always needed. It will also be resistant to water, solvents and it is non-yellowing so as to maintain the aesthetic of your home.

Contact us if you want to give your roof some long overdue TLC this summer.