Different Methods Of Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are one of the reasons that many people dread the summer time. However, there are many things that you can do in order to control mosquitoes. It is best to hire a professional if you are having problems with mosquitoes. There are many mosquito control methods that you can get from a professional.

Barrier Spray

Barrier spray is not only designed to kill mosquitoes, but it can also prevent another mosquito infestation. In fact, the results of the treatment can last for up to 21 days. You can arrange to get treatments done every 21 days so that you will be protected all summer long.

Automatic Misting Systems

If you are in need of continuous mosquito control, then you may want to consider using an automatic misting system. A mist will automatically be dispensed two to four times per day. The mist will be dispensed for 30 seconds. You adjust the number of sprays that are done per day based on the needs of your yard. You do not have to worry about re-filling the misting system yourself. A professional company will be able to take care of that service for you. The system will also be winterized every year.

All-Natural Mosquito Treatment

If you want to avoid using any chemicals, then you have the option of getting all-natural mosquito treatment. Keep in mind that the all-natural barrier spray is not as effective as traditional barrier spray. The spray breaks down more quickly, so it will need to be re-applied every two weeks instead of every three weeks. The spray is made up of essential oils. Keep in mind that the type of yard you have will determine whether you can get all-natural mosquito treatment.

Special Event Sprays

If you are planning an outdoor event, then you may want to get a special event spray. You can get a special event spray a few days before your event. It is a barrier spray that will provide you and your guests with additional protection. It will greatly reduce or eliminate the number of mosquitoes that are in your yard.

One of the many great things about our special event spray is that it can dry within 30 minutes. Because it is applied prior to the event, you will not have to worry about the food or dinnerware being contaminated by the spray. Additionally, the protection will last all day and all night.