How To Clean Marble And Floor Treatment

There are many reasons to choose marble or granite for your home or office floor. In addition to stunning, floor cleaning companies is able to change the appearance of any space to look amazing and very durable. Of course, this is with a note: you take care of it properly! Know how to clean the marble floor and how to clean the floor because it is a natural rock that requires special attention.

The main problem with marble is that its constituents are different from other material compositions, such as ceramic tiles. Both materials are easily damaged by ordinary cleaning products. Although you need to give them both more attention, the effort will feel worth the result when you see your floor is shiny and clean.

A marble cleaner to remove stains

Learn how to clean marble floors or consist of two easy processes. First, you need to know how to remove stains on the floor. The best way is:

  • Pour a small amount of liquid dishwashing liquid soap or marble cleanser with a neutral pH on a piece of microfiber cloth. Wet the fabric with a little cold water. Always test any product in a small and hidden area first.
  • Wipe gently stained area in the direction of marble floor fibers. Do not be tempted to wipe it in a circular motion because this can damage the floor surface.
  • After the stain disappears, dry and polish the floor using a dry cloth.